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The Different Forms of CBD – Methods of Vaping

The Different Forms of CBD – Methods of Vaping
February 26, 2019 CBD Vapes
Different Forms of CBD

CBD is unique as far as smoking experiences go because it come in a range of different forms. This means that there a both different ways to buy CBD and different vapes for consuming it.

CBD Oils:
The most common way CBD is extracted is as an oil. There are a number of ways this can be vaped with both tank style and Pod style Oil Vapes.

CBD Extratcs:
CBD Extracts are less common but available. These take the form of shatter or wax and are vaporised with dab style vapes such as dab pens or e-rigs. The typical atomiser form in these vapes are ceramic donuts or ceramic / quartz coils.

CBD Isolates:
CBD isolates come in a firmer crystalline form and are vaporised with dab style vapes also.

CBD Liquids:
There are a range of CBD liquids coming on to the market that are vaped with typical E-liquid vapes. This can provide a great alternative for vapers to E-Liquid which can be addictive.

This are the primary forms of CBD and we expect to see much more availability on the Australian Market in the Months and years to come.

CBD Vapes has product categories to suit all the different forms of CBD including CBD Oil Tank Vapes, CBD Dabbers and CBD Oil Pod Vapes.

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