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Why Vape CBD?

Why Vape CBD?
February 25, 2019 CBD Vapes
CBD Vapes

It is possible to Vape CBD in a range of forms including Crystals, Oils, Waxes and Liquids. But why would anyone want to do that anyway?

CBD is set to become the new trend in smoking. Unlike Cannabis CBD is not psychoactive.

So ultimately CBD is set to become a replacement for smoking that will ultimately not be as harmful as tobacco or as addictive as nicotine e-liquids.

The general froms CBD vapes come in are wax atomizer style, oil tank or oil pod. When people vape CBD they generally report an uplifting energising sensation that can be good for mental energy.

Got more questions? Just contact CBD Vapes Australia, we are always happy to help. CBD Vapes was launched in 2019 by an operation who have been importing and retailing vapes in Australia for 5+years.





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